Sunday, May 23, 2010

GoGet - Car Sharing

I wanted to give a shout out to the car sharing service we use in Sydney - GoGet. Aside from being great for personal use, they are amazing for business use and that's actually what I use them most for.

My friend Jeremy Levitt put me on to them about a year ago and we signed up to one of their business accounts. It costs $5.10 per hour plus $0.35 per kilometre to rent a car which is incredibly good. And they literally have 100s of cars in Sydney, including 1 just behind our office and 3 within 100m of Jodie and my place in Surry Hills. In addition to cars they also have vans, including a new one about 300m from Jodie and my place. For the last 2 weekends we've had Shoes of Prey stands at the Fashion Forward Festival and Sydney Fashion Weekend and Courtney the Hiace Van (they all have cute names) has been a godsend. Rather than having to buy a van to do events like these, or hire one for a full day we just rent Courtney for 3 hours to take our stand and shoes to the event, then 3 hours to take everything back to the office again. So easy. And the cars and vans have their own dedicated parking bays which saves trying to find a park in inner Sydney.

You book the cars online, and you use a swipe card which you can keep in your wallet to unlock the cars when you've hired them. You're billed once a month. The whole process is so easy and simple. GoGet's customer service is great, whenever I've called them the people are all so friendly and helpful.

The only thing that perplexes me is how they make money. It must be a hugely capital intensive to have all these cars, and cars aren't cheap to insure and run. GoGet seem to have a reasonably good usage rate, though only once out of about 50 bookings has a car not been available near me when I wanted to rent one which I find amazing. If anyone has come across a business plan or articles about the business side of car sharing I'd love to have a read!

If you don't have a car I can highly recommend signing up to GoGet. If you do have one get rid of it and sign up to GoGet.

Update: And after reading our post we received the following text message from GoGet: "Hi Michael. Thanks for the compliment! Dealing with Jodie and yourself is always a pleasure. Cecile and Tanya."



  1. Yah, I remember seeing you use a Goget car for the Bondi Markets as well. I didn't know that they now have Hiaces..!!

  2. Another good article, and great business idea.

    PS: your link for GoGet doesn't work ;-)

  3. Daniel - yep, the Hiace's are awesome.

    Dom - cheers, just fixed the link. :)

  4. I used to be a member of goget but have since left them. Just about every month there was an error in their favour on the bill and now that I've left every month without fail they send me an email telling me that I have to update my credit card detials with them. Oh, they also don't pay back the monthly membership fees if you leave before the six month billing period is finished! I'll NEVER use goget again!

  5. There's an article in February's Dynamic Business magazine about the business side of Go Get.

  6. GoGet is just amazing! My parents own only a BMW and a manual truck, so when i was learning to drive, neither was an option, until we discovered GoGet! Every time i needed to record some driving hours, mum and i would walk down the street and practice for as long as we like! We NEVER had billing issues, to the Anon person above me , i have never heard anyone tell me about an issue like that