Friday, April 2, 2010

Website redesign - we'd love your feedback

On Tuesday we launched a redesigned version of the Shoes of Prey website. We'll likely do a couple of posts over the coming weeks regarding the logic behind the redesign, but for now we'd love to get your feedback.

Do you like it or dislike it? If you have a strong feeling either way we'd love to hear specifics.



  1. I much prefer the original design. It was clearer, looked more professional and loaded faster.

    * While the wallpaper is a nice idea, it makes the text harder to read.

    * All of the image elements (and text boxes) seem to be 'floating' and there is no structure tying them together and directing the viewer.

    * There is nothing to explain what the frame elements on the lower right side of the home page are for.

    Overall, your site is about your customers creating their own designs. And while the design of your own site is an important factor in building the SOP brand, I think it the design concept for the website needs to be clean, elegantly simple, with much more focus on information architecture. Let the design focus rest with the user and your innovative "shoe designer software".

    Ultimately, you want the environment created by your website to compliment every shoe designed and displayed by your customers (on screen).

    In short, I'd strongly suggest reverting to the previous design and re-thinking what you're trying to improve and what really needs to be improved.

    Looking forward to the post on your thoughts behind the re-design.

  2. Positives: I like the frames round things and the wallpaper, it feels more luxurious that the previous basic site, which, as a girl, is quite an important feeling when buying shoes. Really like the clear "start designing" bit.

    Negatives: the front page isn't as strong - lots of little boxes cluttering the page and your branding isn't as strong.

    Personally I'd ditch the frame on the bottom left hand side and make your logo more prominent - it is a great name/font style and it seems a shame to push it into the corner.

    Not bad - 7/10 :)

  3. I know I'm not your target audience, but I dislike the new design. It's less obvious what the website is about. And the images are so low res that it looks 1990s. Sorry Mike.

  4. I loved the original because I like the "construction" "architect" feel

    You know, because I'm designing and all! I want a clean palette!

  5. I also like the original design better. I really liked the mouse over effect you used to have in the gallery where the image changed from illustrated shoes to "real" shoes. It really showed what the site is about and gave the user confidence that their mock-ups will turn into gorgeous shoes in the end. Not sure if that feature is still there and just doesn't work in my browser (Chrome) or if you guys ditched it.

    The individual view in the gallery is nice, but the shoes look like they're floating in the frame. This wasn't a problem before when they weren't framed like this. Perhaps give them a shadow?

    The homepage doesn't work for me... it's hard to focus on any one thing. The original told you right away what the site was about and you knew what you could do. This new homepage feels very unfocused.

    Perhaps ask people who've ordered on the previous site for their feedback?

  6. +1 on everything said prior. Anything which involves frames is a no go for me. I also think your designer, which is your main product should be on your home page.

  7. Hi guys, thanks so much for the great feedback. We've now made some updates based on your suggestions:

    1. The logo is now more prominent on the home page.

    2. We made the frames larger so there is less scrolling on pages like our testimonial page:

    3. We made the home page less busy.

    We're still thinking through improvements to the gallery too. Personally we much prefer the look of this design to the old one. We'd had comments on the old one that it appeared too masculine. The feedback on the new 'shoes as art' look vs the old design has been mostly positive but we're going to keep monitoring it to see as there are quite a few people who prefer the old design.

    Thanks so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it. Please let us know if the changes do or don't make a difference for you.


  8. Just wanted to say that I really like the changes :)

  9. Thanks Caroline. :)

    It's only 3 days since we made the adjustments to the design so we need to wait longer before making judgements, but the 3 days have been up there with our best ever, and traffic has been steady, so we're hoping the new design, with the changes based on everyone's suggestions is going to work out nicely. I'll update the post in a few weeks. :)

  10. I like it as is now. (11th April) - still some major issues with accuracy of colour.
    I was designing some blue shoes, and gave up because the difference between the swatch colours and the real colours on some of the finished shoes in the gallery made me unsure.

    Also would like to see some more luxurious fabrics (satin, silk and feathers). I think a lot of your potential customers (inc me) are tying to match a shoe to an outfit, and at that price, the outfit is of a fabric which is too delicate to be matched by leather or snake skin.

    Still love the site and the business, and can't wait to buy three or four pairs once I can be sure of the colours!


  11. It's a good point re: colour matching and it's something we're still working on, though apart from a few shoes in the gallery which we should probably take out, we're think we're almost there. If you have a specific question about one of the blue's feel free to email it through and I can describe it and show you which photos are accurate if you like.

    We're in the process of adding some Italian silks to the site and they should be up later this month. We're also looking into some feather decorations. :)

  12. Hi Michael,

    bottom menu in Chrome goes above the background and text, so hardly readable (see pages like Testimonial or FAQ).



  13. Thanks Alex. If you hover over the menu with your mouse, it should change the menu to a darker shade of black. Does that help?

    It was a tradeoff between not making the menu too obvious, and making it possible to read...