Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vanessa - The Best Employee Ever

Back in November we hired Vanessa to work with us from our Guangzhou office. We spent a lot of time interviewing to make sure we hired just the right person and we were really pleased when we interviewed Vanessa because we thought she was going to be great.

However we didn't expect her to be just as good as she is! Vanessa must be one of the most hard working, focused people I've ever worked with and her attention to detail is amazing. On our recent trip to China Jodie and I saw first hand how efficiently she's set up our operations in Guangzhou. It's not a simple task to do everything Vanessa is going, here's some of what she does for us:
  • Tracking, quality checking, photographing, packing and shipping all our shoes. And this isn't a simple task. If I was doing this I'm quite sure there would be mistakes. In 6 months Vanessa has never missed sending an order or shipped a pair of shoes to the wrong address.
  • Sourcing leathers and shoe hardware for us at the leather markets.
  • Liasing with our shoe suppliers to follow up on orders, new shoe designs and materials.
  • Organising the logistics and ordering of our new packaging (more on that soon!)
  • She's in the process of organising warehouse space for us in China.
  • We're planning to hire a second employee in China soon. Vanessa will be managing the hiring process and training the new employee.

On top of all this we asked Vanessa to keep a close record of our expenses and receipts in China and track them in the accounting software we're using, Saasu. While I've recently found that accounting is more fun than I thought, my book keeping skills leave a lot to be desired, as evidenced by the taco box I shove all my receipts into. You'd think someone running a shoe business could at least use a shoe box! :P

In comparison to my slack efforts, Vanessa tapes every receipts into a book, and enters every expense into Saasu daily. She must have entered around 1000 receipts by now and our Chinese bank balance matches the total in Saasu to the RMB cent! I plan to reconcile our main Australian bank account, which I look after, this week and even with less than 10% of the entries Vanessa has done, I know it's going to be way off.

We're so pleased to have Vanessa as part of our team, thanks for being the best employee ever Vanessa!

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