Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Motivation (Part 2)

As we've mentioned previously, starting a business is a roller coaster ride, the lows are low and the highs are high.

The Chinese New Year issues we've had are certainly a dip in the ride and can make it that bit harder to stay extremely motivated, but then experiences like we've had with Jill and Brett and their wedding help to put us back up at the peak of the ride.

We first met Jill at Sydney Fashion Weekend and we had her and some of her bridesmaids around to Jodie and my place to try on our shoes and select the right materials and colours for their shoes from our leather books. Jill ordered her wedding shoes from us in shiny gold soft leather, and each of her 3 bridesmaids, Anastasia, Lisa and Claire came up with their own designs and ordered them in matching silver soft leather. Straight after the wedding they replied to say how happy their were with their shoes and sent us some of the wedding photos. And last week Jill sent us a CD with high resolution photos and has said we're welcome to use them in our marketing materials to help promote our business, and she's planning to order more shoes from us!

Receiving such great feedback and knowing that we helped Jill and Brett enjoy their wedding that little bit more is hugely rewarding. Following are some of the wedding photos. Thanks Jill, Brett, Anastasia, Lisa and Claire!

Credits: Photography by Justin Malinowski. And on a side note, like Jodie and I, Jill and Brett are a husband and wife team running their own business, the creative agency Pretty Pollution


  1. These are pretty awesome photos! (I believe I even spot Two Birds Bridesmaid frocks- another entrepreneur doing great things!)

  2. Wow, that's some impressive frock spotting Ms. Polka! Just checked out Two Birds Bridemaid's site - gorgeous!