Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home sweet home

Monday 8 February was my first day full time on Shoes of Prey - what a brilliant day :)

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm continuing to do some freelance work with The Campaign Palace, because I couldn't bear to part with my advertising family :) In addition to this, we have taken up office space at The Campaign Palace in an unusually quiet corner of the agency. I'd debated strongly with Michael about decorating the space to stamp Shoes of Prey all over it but the very practical business parter that he is, reminded me that we're a bootstrapped start up... so, as you can see, I used our shoes as decoration and I am working on covering the walls with the press that we have had in the last couple of months - something that never ceases to motivate me to go out there and talk to more people about Shoes of Prey!

Michael and Mike have been working from the couch to date. Personally, I need an office environment to maintain routine and focus in my work. I fear that working from the couch would simply result in sporadic tidying of the house and making elaborate meals. Being at The Campaign Palace means that our distractions are minimised to looking at the amazing view and bouncing ideas around with some of the most inspired minds in the country.

Simply being in the same space as The Campaign Palace provides a great opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas and share learnings. Operating businesses side-by-side like this is a new experience for me and I am excited to see how it unfolds.

Have you 'worked from the couch' before? If so, how did it compare to working from an office?


  1. Writing a book involves working from the couch a lot, and I can't agree more with your idea. Whilst one of the key motivators that people often discuss in becoming their own boss is flexibility and working from different places, most of us suffer dramatically from the discipline that comes from having a routine. Why? Well the evils of procrastination and distractions are rife, but also there is a transformation whenever you walk into your work place that you are 'supposed' to be working. The net effect of that, is if you don't achieve stuff while you are 'work. then you have that horrible sensation that we all hate...GUILT!

    One thing I would say is that make sure that by giving yourself a routine, that you don't lose your flexibility and style. Part of the beauty of me, myself and I, is that you are in control and of the people I know who do run their own businesses successfully, the have something in common...they don't work 9-5 and they don't ever switch off.

    Good luck, and I look fwd to catching up with you all soon!


  2. Dom, good thoughts. I know I didn't find there were too many distractions when working from the couch, but Jodie was worried about it. And that said, it's only day 3 in the office and it might just be a honeymoon period, but I do feel like I've been very productive for the last few days. I'll see how it goes anyway, no harm in mixing it up, a bit of couch time, a bit of office time. Maybe a bit of beach time while it's still summer! ;)

  3. The beach is very therapeutic! I think the regime and ambience of the office space will make you more productive and stuff. I might have to find some
    office space for me to write in!

  4. The office environment is definitely better for productivity.

    We have spent for the past few years working on the biz "on the couch" whilst working F/T.

    There are definitely more distractions but if you are self-disciplined, you should be alright...

    Personally, my biggest gripe is that our home is now starting to look like a warehouse...

    My study is now a storeroom (sigh!) and our living room is now the distribution centre ala call centre ala admin back-office.

    There's stacks of boxes, packing material, stock, folders, etc etc EVERYWHERE...

    My 2nd biggest gripe is that working from home can translate to working longer (unnecessary) hours.

    You don't feel like you are at work and so, may take your time with tasks and work into the night...

    Having said all that, we are currently looking to move into a studio where we can separate the business space from our personal space.

    Jodie, you are right about the ELABORATE MEALS and spontaneous tidying of the house.

    I have been had fantastic meals since Penny started doing this F/T.