Friday, February 26, 2010

Distribution partnerships - The Swissôtel, Sydney

We've been working with the Swissôtel in Sydney for the last month and together we've put a package together that includes 2 Shoes of Prey gift certificates, a hotel room and high tea for two.

It's very exciting to be working with a brand like the Swissôtel as they're a great fit with our brand. And we're hoping women love the concept of a beautiful hotel, high tea and custom shoes. There should be some great PR and sales opportunities for both of us that come out of the partnership, and we're hoping to work the hotel to run some events in the future so we'll be working on these opportunities more over the coming months.

We're starting to put our minds towards partnerships that help us build awareness of our brand, and enable us to distribute our shoes. Lots of great businesses have used distribution partnerships to get themselves started. Eg. PayPal with eBay and Google powering Yahoo's search engine in their early years.

If you're running a business are you looking at distribution partnerships? Any more famous examples you know of where businesses leveraged distribution partnerships successfully to get themselves started?

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  1. Michael. Great post. We are doing exactly the same with You've given me some inspiration. I've got some more ideas for you but we'll chat when we meet.