Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Custom Made Women's Shoes Online

In an earlier post we discussed the pros and cons of sharing your business idea with other people prior to your launch. Our conclusion was that other people have had your idea anyway, and who succeeds will come down to execution rather than the idea itself, so you're better off sharing your idea and getting feedback and thoughts from anyone and everyone.

To show you why we think that's true, we thought we'd share with you 8 other design your own women's shoe businesses that we've come across since the launch of our custom made women's shoe site, Shoes of Prey.

And no doubt for each of these that actually launched there were 100s of other people who had the same idea but never got around to executing on it.

It's interesting looking at the different takes people have on the idea and how they've addressed the same problems we've encountered. Most of these sites don't let you customise the shoe design a great deal, they focus on letting you change the colours and adding decorations. Dream Heels and Zappos/Steve Madden run shoe design competitions and the winning shoes are produced, you can't actually order your design. And they've all addressed the shoe sizing conundrum and approached their returns policies in slightly different ways.

It's nice to see that other people think the idea has enough merit for them to have launched design your own women's shoes businesses, and the market for women's shoes is massive, so there's no reason that we and all the other businesses above can't all be successful. But having competitors is a good reminder that we need to have a great product and treat our customers well if we want to succeed. :)

Have you seen an idea you've had been executed by someone else?


  1. Foxy,

    Awesome that you're sticking to the principle of transparency in all things... very impressive. I'm certain it's going to pay off one way or another.

  2. A friend of mine put me onto this site when I asked a similar question (should I speak about my competition when starting up)... after reading this, I think I'll do the same!

  3. Thanks for the comment Ashley. :) It's certainly helped us with brainstorming ideas when we've hit problems eg. the 72 comments on this post! http://www.22michaels.com/2009/09/namestorming-competition.html

    Seb - yeah, I see no harm in it. And hey, doing something different brought you to our site so that's a bonus. Good luck with the 7 day startup project!

  4. Thanks Michael! the site looks good (I've subscribed). The 7 day project is of course where I'll be following your lead and mentioning the competition.

  5. Carmen from chocriApril 22, 2011 at 10:29 AM

    I recently saw a FB advertisement to these guys:

  6. I had a look at your website and I thought the selection of materials was excellent. But in the end I couldnt customise it exactly to what I want, and therefore the price was not worthwhile for a 'customised' pricetag. Basically there are a million shoes out there and even though the one we want is not exactly 'right' but it would be small enough that we would be willing to purchase it because of the price. What market you would be looking at would be girls who want designer shoes $1000+ that they cant afford. Therefore you should make them submit the photo of the shoe and then fit it however you can manufacture + profit within their designated budget (350,500). This will be mainly the quality of materials, but hey these are nothing when compared to the exact 'toe' 'buckle' 'stiletto' that all ads up to that design. Girls arent willing to pay for the materials. Just look at the replica handbag market. 95% of girls got 15+ shoes so they are never willing to pay for fabric, leather quality alone. Heck, we probably brought most of our shoes only on sale. If its not feasible for you to manufacture it for them then just tell them. We rather be disappointed then pissed off with less money in our pocket, and so would you. TRUST ME

  7. Currently I am working on a website for women's custom made shoes - http://www.ohshoedesigns.com. It is not actually design your own shoes, but it provides custom heel heights that you can select for any model.

  8. I know the idea you think is unique that happened to me and then I realized when researching online that there are many people already doing it. But it doesn't really matter I believe the market is big enough to fit everybody and competition is always something good to customers, it remind us to stay tune. I am working very hard on developing my business I didn't launch it yet because I have many pieces to put together. I would like to ask you and I understand if you can't tell me, but I am from Canada it might not affect you anyways...Where can I find a women bespoke shoe, or a small factory willing to made to order shoes? Is been the most challenging part I have been facing so far. I really appreciate any help. Thanks you. Nancy