Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Using 3D software to visualize our Fashion Weekend Stall

I've always wanted a reason to play with Google's Sketchup software - and yesterday I had the perfect excuse. We're currently planning our presence at the Sydney Fashion Weekend which starts this Thursday. Within 30 minutes I had downloaded Sketchup for free and mocked up this very basic scale model of our stand:

An image is fine, but animation is better:

As you can see, Sketchup is incredible useful for visualizing a physical space. With minimal training you can easily create realistic models which you can then use to iron out potential logistical or tactical problems; changing everything around in a matter of seconds. For instance, we know from our experience at the Bondi markets that our shoes are like magnets to fashion conscious women. Having them at the front of the stand makes more sense so we can get a few precious seconds to explain the concept and then draw their attention to the laptops.

That said, our finished stand is potentially going to look quite different (and certainly more polished). However it was a great way to explore the amount of space we have available to us. We'll definitely use it again when we need to plan out physical spaces.

Are there aspects of your business that could be better visualized in 3D?


  1. Cool, I think this might have been what Jamie used to design the layout of our shop :-)

  2. If that person is Foxy, he should be wearing women's shoes ... both in the sketch and in real life.


  3. No more Studio Max for me! This seems really cool.

  4. Wow..! I had no idea that app existed..!

    This is going to come in handy for me as well.

    We run fashion market stalls around Sydney (Glebe/Bondi/etc). So, it would be interesting to actually be able to visualise and plan new layouts, etc.

    We currently do it via sketches on paper. Once again, wow..!

    Thanks for posting about it..!