Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crunchie Awards

This week four of our friends (Jen, Pete B, Peter W and Jeff S) nominated us for a "Crunchie" award for best International Startup (outside the US). After thinking about it for a few days, it would actually be pretty awesome to win this...

The catch is, we need votes. Lots of votes.

If you think we're deserving, please help us win by voting for us each day.

Here's what we ask that you'd do:

1) Please bookmark this URL -- maybe even make it your homepage while the competition is running:

2) Every day until December 5 2009 (Dec 4 in the US) click "Nominate" next to "Shoes of Prey".

3) Come back each and every day until December 5, and click "Nominate" again. (Every person can vote once per day.)

Thanks for your support! :)


  1. I'm going to vote for you for the Crunchie Award but in the meantime -- congratulations on being a Blog of Note! You deserve it. Your blog is really original.

  2. I'm going to vote for you for the Crunchie too.

  3. Congratulations! I plan on voting for you... twice! Unless that's illegal. Then I'll only vote for you once.

  4. Congratulations! I'll vote for you too! Who cares if it's illegal.^-^ Just kidding!


  5. OMG!

    You have now double award!

    The Crunchie Award and the Blog og Note award.


    Enjoy this great moment.

    Sincerely and from Canada,
    José Luis
    -My photoblog

  6. - - - - - -
    I mean, the Blog OF Note
    - - - - - -

  7. Congrates on being a Note of Blog. Best wishes.

  8. So you make shoes eh? good job.

  9. Really unique and original stuff, i found here on you blog.

    Congratulation! being a "Blog of Note"

  10. Thanks so much for your support everyone... we're a finalist in the 'Best Bootstrapped Startup' category!! There are some great companies up for awards and if you think we're deserving we'd love your vote. Details here in our new blog post here: