Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shoes of Prey To Do

Well, it's been an incredibly busy 5 days since launch and from everyone's amazing feedback it looks like it's going to be an incredibly busy few months ahead. We've had so many great suggestions for the site and Mike, Jodie and I each have massive to do lists. Here's some of the main things we'll each be working on over the coming months:


  • Continue to work full time at The Campaign Palace.
  • Design a range of flats to add to the site.
  • Write for the new Shoes of Prey fashion blog!
  • Finishing our media pack of photos and information for PR.
  • Continue to work on the brand identity and ensuring the Shoes of Prey experience is both awesome and consistent with the brand.


  • Add pointy toes to the designer.
  • Create a 2min video showing how to use and view all the options in the designer.
  • Allow multiple photos of each shoe.
  • Create a gallery of 'recent designs' that updates in real time as new designs are created.
  • Show 'shoes similar to your design' photos in the designer.
  • Develop an email newsletter template/theme
  • Add strappy options to the designer for summer.
  • Build time based marketing features into the site. Design a shoe then we'll email your boyfriend a month before your birthday so he can order your shoe.
  • Gift cards.
  • Facebook application to share your designs.
  • Add more social features to the site to make it easy for people to discuss designs with each other.


  • Explore PR opportunities.
  • Set up a Google AdWords campaign.
  • Review the settings (goals, filters etc.) of our Google Analytics account.
  • Improve our product photography so we can take great photos of all the shoes we make.
  • Improve our leather photography.
  • Research and write care instructions for your shoes.
  • Organise a photoshoot in the shoe workshop so we can show visitors to the website how the shoes are made.
  • Hire a permanent contractor in Guangzhou.
  • Finalise our order to delivery process.
  • Finalise our packaging and setting up a process for handwritten thank you notes and a photo of your shoes to be included when we deliver your shoes.

Back to it!


  1. Really love the open planning / to do's and accountability.

    Big ups.

  2. Thanks Steve. The test will be coming back to this list regularly and ensuring we stay on track to get it all done. So far so good!

    If people haven't seen it already, check out my favourite startup blog that's written by Steve - and his excellent peer to peer renting business (like eBay but renting)