Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shoes of Prey is live!

Great news, this morning we resolved our trademark issues (I'll post the full details about that and the winner of our naming competition shortly) and is now live!

We'd love your feedback on the site as we'll be doing lots of tweaking over the coming weeks (feel free to go nuts with the little feedback button on the site).

Thanks again to you all for helping us get us to this point, we're very excited.


  1. Love it Foxy! Looks fantastic! Look forward to seeing you guys again soon and catching up.

  2. Site looks neat! Hopefully you'll be able to ship to India? Prices might be steep by Indian standards though!

  3. Great stuff guys! lets hope the orders come in!

  4. Hey you guys just checked out Shoes of Prey and its awesome!

    Congrats guys, well done!

  5. Freakin' awesome work guys - well done. Hope it goes gangbuseters!

  6. Have you thought about a testimonials area of the website? somehow you have to do this well/honestly or it will look gimmicky. i would have both positive and negative reviews and if they are negative, show that you resolved the issue...

    Also, maybe have an area where the customers can submit their shoe design and people can vote on them. popular ones can be sold cheaper or used in competitions.

    just kind of thinking aloud..

  7. flickr and facebook groups...

    ill leave you alone now ;)

  8. Thanks everyone, it's great to have finally launched!

    Jessie - yeh, we can't ship to India yet, hopefully soon, tho yes, as you point out the shoes are priced at the higher end of the market - they are all leather and handmade. Do you think there's still a market in India that would buy the shoes tho? My guess is yes.

    Aaron - great feedback on testimonials and an area for customers to submit shoe designs. I actually emailed our beta testers this morning to ask if anyone would be interested in write a testimonial about their experience and their shoes and we've got some already, so we'll be adding those soon. :) And we'll photograph all the shoes that we have made and put them in the gallery, tho good point, we'll look into making it easier to discuss specific designs too.... Read more