Friday, October 2, 2009

Feedback on Shoes!

While we continue to brainstorm a name (thanks to your ideas we're getting close!) we've been photographing shoes that we've had made in our beta tests. We wanted to get your feedback on which ones should feature on the front page of the website when we launch!































We'd love to hear which are your favourite shoes in the comments below. Feel free to either shout out your favourite shoes or score them all: Score 1 = Ugly shoe .... Score 5 = Love it, when can I buy a pair?!

Note 1: image quality will improve prior to the photos going up on the website. We're buying better lights to eliminate shadows on the shoes.

Note 2: you'll notice some shoes have 'Shoes of Prey' stamped in them. We'll be removing that stamp :(


  1. My scores. Note: we weight my scores at almost 0 as my taste in women's shoes still has a long way to develop. ;)

    1 - 4, i love the combination of black patent leather and gold.
    2 - 3, while I love this leather I'm not such a fan of this heel.
    3 - 2, I like the shoe style but I think we have more exciting shoes here.
    4 - 2
    5 - 4, I love this snakeskin colour
    6 - 5+! These are my equal favourites!
    7 - 4 love the combination of blue fisk skin and blue patent leather.
    8 - 4
    9 - 5, simple and elegant
    10 - 3
    11 - 3
    12 - 4, love the black snake skin and black patent leather combination on these
    13 - 2
    14 - 3
    15 - 4, i really like this purple snake skin.
    16 - 5
    17 - 4
    18 - 4, i love this decoration.
    19 - 3, is it just me or do these shoes look like mice?
    20 - 4
    21 - 2
    22 - 5, I love the combination of orange snake skin and patent leather
    23 - 2
    24 - 4, an interesting take on number 16. I think I prefer white tho.
    25 - 3
    26 - 4
    27 - 3
    28 - 5+! My other equal favourites! Disclosure - these were amongst the first shoes I ever designed, Jodie wears and loves them. :D
    29 - 2
    30 - 4, I marginally prefer these with the mary jane strap in shoe 6.

  2. 1, 12 and 17 are awesome!! great style!! don't like 2, 4, 7, 20. especially 2- don't like the boxy clog look. also 30 is fabulous. i'm impressed!! go you!

  3. I LOVE 26, 24, 20, and 18! great work!

  4. 15, 16 and 28! hmmmm, 28 look kinda familiar! :)

  5. faves - 5, 7, 10, 13, 16, 17,28
    don't like - 2,3,4

  6. 26, 24, 18.. Great work

  7. Hi mate, I know i'm a bloke but this has come from Julia ... 1, and 17 are her favourites!

  8. All I can say as a bloke is that #16 and #28 look more like torture implements than shoes. Is it a shoe...or a rollercoaster...fark...I don't know...but it is at times like these that I am glad I am not a woman.
    The others look gorgeous though man...I will get Lize to have a look at them too.

  9. But the question, Cam, is are they Guantanamo Bay-style torture or hot-wax-in-the-bedroom torture? ;)

    Michael you might want to confirm the numbering with people, possibly it's just me but I was initially looking at the numbering incorrectly since the number above the image sits closer to the image than the number below, but the number below is the correct one (could just be my browser). I'm guessing Cam did the same thing since I assume the 'torture device' shoes are the strappy black zip-ups (which I think are actually #28, not #27) rather than the turqouise slip-ons with bows....'torture' is a relative term though ;)

    Personal favourites are 7 (blue snakeskin, black toe w/ bow) & 16 (black heel & toe, white middle) since they both remind me of the old-fashioned wingtips/spats style for men. 21 (blue snakeskin), 23 (royal blue) & 26 I think have great colour and 13 (black open-toe) just looks like a beautiful classic shoe, elegant in its simplicity.
    The fact that not many of my favourites have been mentioned is probably an indicator of how representative my opinion is of women shoe-buyers, but I'll leave the opinion-weighting to you ;)

    #28 (Cam's torture shoe) isn't a style I personally like but it does have "attitude", so perhaps makes the right kind of statement to feature on the webpage, even if you don't find it scores that highly.

  10. Michael, you are good at reuniting people. Colin - we went to primary school together!!

  11. 6 degrees of Michael J. Fox, I like it ;)

  12. My thoughts are these: I'm not one to spend a decent sum of money on a pair of shoes I can't try on before buying (regardless of user-friendly return policies) unless they are something out of the ordinary. I think the people who are going to use your site will be those with a keen sense of fashion and a reasonable degree of creativity and fun.
    So, in promoting your website, I think you should display pieces that are different or even wacky, to show what your site/design software is really capable of. No basics. I can get basics at Myer, probable at a lower price.

    For those reasons, I think you should ditch 2, 4, 8, 9, 10 and 30.

    My favourites are 3, 7, 13, 22, 23, 24 and especially 28. Good work, you design genius, you!


  13. I agree with Giselle about picking a pair that is out of the ordinary - something to show that the risk (of inconvenience if they don't fit, etc) is worth taking.

    Otherwise, I would say that the choice of the shoes to display on the front page depends on the general colour scheme of the site. If it's a white/black site, it would be nice to have a pair of shoes that "pop", eg 17 or 27.

  14. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments and I'm glad that this post about women's shoes brought together two of my male friends who hadn't seen each other since primary school! haha!

    Your feedback is awesome, thanks so much. I also combined in some feedback that came in outside this post. Here are the winners that we'll feature on the website in order of their popularity:


    Thanks again!

  15. These are all great shots. Rather than leaving it to the readers to decide, you should leave it to Google Website Optimiser to decide :) As I'm sure you're aware Foxy, it can give you great objective data on what really appeals to your users.

  16. Haha, nice one Vinny! Knapp and I were just emailing this morning about using Website Optimiser for this exact purpose. I can't wait until we launch so we can start using these products that we've worked with at Google! :D