Friday, September 4, 2009

Startup related blogs we read

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Doing a startup means we like to read about other startups. Here's a list of startup related blogs we read:

  • Start Up Blog - by Steve Sammartino. Steve is the founder of Rentoid (a very cool business model) and he lectures in Marketing at Melbourne University. One of my favourite blog posts ever comes from this blog, about how a banana comes in near perfect packaging.
  • Springwise - Very inspirational. This blog focuses on new, innovative business concepts from around the world. One of our favourites.
  • Signal vs. Noise - by the team at 37signals. These guys build web based software for small businesses. Their blog gets a bit techy (Mike likes these posts) but it's also good for general startup tips.
  • Seth's Blog - by Seth Godin. In addition to a very thought provoking blog, Seth has written some great books which have inspired us to give the startup gig a go.
  • Ross Hill - by Ross Hill. Ross works at Deloitte and is involved in Melbourne's thriving startup scene. He posts a little less frequently than others which I don't mind because when he posts it's good.
  • TechCrunch - You can't go past TechCrunch for information and inspiration about tech related startups.
  • TechNation Australia - by Kim Herras - a smaller, Australian version of TechCrunch. Great for keeping up with tech startup news from Australia.
  • New Rules for the New Economy - by Kevin Kelly. The blog entries actually come from a book Kevin wrote in 1998 with the same title as his blog. Although the book is 10 years old the posts are still very relevant and interesting.
  • Come Together - by Scott Drummond. While not strictly a startup blog, we read this one for Scott's thoughts on online communities. His Philosofriday concept is a cool one.

We use Google Reader to subscribe to and read the blogs above.

What startup related blogs do you follow?


  1. Thanks for a great list! I'd like to add the following:

    Paul Graham is an essayist and programmer who’s been involved with Viaweb, Yahoo, and Y Combinator. His essays are a must read:

    ArcticStartup provides reports on internet and mobile software startups and growth entrepreneurship from the Northern Europe:

    I've collected a list of recommended reading that may also be relevant here:

    Cheers, Jussi

  2. Lessons Learned:

    Genius Types (doesn't post much now but his archive is fantastic):

    Moore Thought (my blog on success mindset, personal finance and entrepreneurship):

  3. Thanks guys, some great suggestions here. I read through those Paul Graham articles about 3 years ago and they are awesome, I'm going to take another look at them.

    Jussi - thanks for the link to your reading list. Your blog is excellent. Your post about designing a better login form is very god:

    Josh and Steven, thanks for the link to Lessons Learned, I've subscribed to that one. Josh, you're journey on your blog is interesting reading, thanks.