Friday, September 25, 2009

Namestorming Competition

As we mentioned in our last post, sadly and unfortunately we have to re-name our shoe business, and we'd like to enlist your help in this process. Below is a brief that gives an outline of what we're looking for in a name. If you'd like to help us brainstorm and you come up with the name we decide on, you'll be custom making for yourself or significant other, the very first pair of shoes after our official launch! Just add your ideas to the comments section of this blog post to be in the running.

Here's the brief:

Women dress for other women. When a woman sees another woman walking down the street in a beautiful pair of shoes her predatory instincts kick in. 'Where did she get those shoes?' 'How do I get those shoes?'. In the extreme she wants to knock that woman over and steal her shoes. Alternatively she visits our website and designs a pair of her own beautiful custom made shoes.

We aren't a luxury brand, and we don't want to pretend to be. We are a creative, reliable, young brand that can help you to realise yourself as a shoe designer. The quality that we offer is high-end, but the brand itself can't afford any snobbery, because Jodie, Mike and I aren't offering to personally stitch you some shoes. :)

We want a name that embodies the above, but at the same time, as the great marketer Matt Newell once said, 'You don't want your brand strategy showing'. The name must subtly rather than explicitly refer to the above. We actually felt that Shoes of Prey might have been letting just a bit too much of the brand strategy show.

Before deciding on a name we'll need to check that "thename".com is available and as we've just learnt there must be no trademarking issues with the name!

For more insight into what we're after check out Jodie's posts about developing the name Shoes of Prey and detailing the brand insight.

We'll add our thoughts to the comments as we go along too, happy brainstorming and thanks in advance!

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  1. Here are a few word ideas from our very preliminary brainstorming:

    Potentially cool hunting related words:

    Other cool shoe words:
    couture (maybe a little too premium)

  2. Talon Shoes
    Hmmm, right theme but not subtle.

  3. maybe a silly thought, but I really like the provocation of Shoes of Pray!

  4. You might want to add the name of a predator in the name. before or after the name. ie cougar shoe, shoe hawk...


  5. i-heels

  6. What about "Feet and Inches" given that you are dressing feet and most of them have heels eg; inches?!

  7. How about ""
    ... a common expression especially in the UK.

    Memorable, young and playful....

    - elaine

  8. Fu Man Shoe
    Kindred Soles
    Fly Shoes (Shoe Fly Shoes)
    Tongue Tied
    Urban Paws... Read more
    Paws and Effect
    Loose Footing
    Skiptoe Shoes
    Fleet Foot
    Feet of Strength

    i will word play on this all weekend now.

  9. The glass slipper
    Cinderella and the Sexy Step Sisters
    Taunt Calf
    Strap In

    When I was in MV, Stanford had a Willie Cole exhibition on. This text field doesn't seem to let me post links. Look up these works:
    Made in the Phillipines 1993
    Rosa Parks 1994
    Portrait of Hattie McDonald 1994
    Wing Tipped Ibeji I 1993

    Willie Cole also has done some really interesting work with using different irons to represent tribes - both through scarification and in sculptures where the water spout is the nipple. And other objects in sculptures like taps to represent the plumbing.

    Check out
    Water Window Female Iron Figure 1998
    Pleasure 2000
    Malcoms Chickens I 2002

    It might spark something or at least get your create juices flowing.


  10. bummer! i searched for you here (on the word 'prey') to get an idea:

    seems a little fuzzy for them to reject you based on all the others that are there. is it worth trying again? does it matter if you drop the spaces?

    also, who is this person 'TT' that owns Read more

  11. Tribes ... there is something here - visually, aurally, and criminally/forensically.
    Plus it allows you to have sub brands - or styles. Explore the theme tribe.


  12. Ladies and gentlemen, some awesome ideas here, thanks so much!

    Dom - very interesting thought to change the spelling of Prey to Pray. Jodie and I have been debating this over taco's and I think we've concluded that while it's good it doesn't quite work. It moves the brand insight a little away from the predatory nature of women and shoes, towards a more religious feeling around shoes, which is a little two ... Read moredimensional and predictable. In one way hiding the actual brand insight is good (as suggested by Matt Newell) but we fear people won't move past the religious aspect to eventually see what the brand means. Still, great thinking, i like it.

    Etienne - a good suggestion and I've just been reading through that page. Adding a predator's name will need to be done subtly, my suggestions of Talon Shoes and Taloness are too explicit I think, but that's a good line of thinking which we'll explore some more.

    Pwhitehouse - some good ideas here, I like your internet shoes angle. We thought down that path when developing the brand insight but decided it wasn't right. If we want to build a fashion brand focusing on the online aspect of our business is the wrong way to do it, so we decided on the predatory nature of women and their shoe shopping instead, so the name need sto subtly reference that we think.

    Dom - Feet and Inches is creative, but as with pwhitehouse's suggestion we need to tie it to the brand insight a little more.

    Elo - Lol, that's an awesome name, and while it might not quite work for our custom made shoe business - it hits the young and playful element of our brand insight, but maybe not the predatory part, I went straight to try and register that domain in case we wanted to do a red shoes only store one day! Alas, someone has beaten us to it and the domain is unavailable. :( Great thinking though!

    Jose - very creative ideas, i like them. As with Dom's suggestion tying the name to brand insight is a problem for most except Urban Paws. That could work, it can be shoe and predator related. That goes on the to consider more list for sure, thanks!

    Sib - wow, that's some cool shoe art! Here's a URL if others are interested: I'm gonna look over that some more.

    AB - awesome research there, you should have been a lawyer! Delving into the legal side of trademarks further, the issue for us is class 25 'Clothing, footwear and headgear.' The only other 'Prey' related terms there are Osprey, Asprey, Prey and Bird of Prey. It's debatable but IP Australia have a reasonable point about us being quite close to ... Read morePrey, and it's a close one, but potentially arguable that we're closer than those other names.

    Very good find with the domain name registration. That's only very recent that someone has registered that, tho it probably doesn't matter for us now!

  13. -Ferrel Feet
    -Ferrel Fashion (leaves it open if you expand)
    -Primal Designs
    -Shoes of Instinct (very similar spin from your original)

  14. What a frustrating obstacle to be dealing with so close to the launch!

    My suggestion [warning: possibly very convoluted!] moves further from the immediate associations with "predatory". This idea encompasses the following themes:

    - competitive/predatory
    - female
    - aggresive
    - running/race ... (footwear?)

    And, like any successful piece of art (because, let's face it this is a form of art that you're creating) it has depth for those who wish to seek it :)

    RED QUEEN - comes from the "red queen effect", an evolotionary hypothesis. The Red Queen is a character in "Through the Looking Glass":

    On the surface, "Red Queen" suggests:
    - female
    - power
    - aggressive (red = aggressive colour)
    - sexy (red = associated with 'sexy'/'lustful')

    A little deeper, the idea that "It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!" adds the evolotionary element. Fashion is evolutionary.

    Above all, the wearer of a pair of "Red Queens" is confident.

    - Crap. Just checked. It appears '' already exists! Although it is a slightly outdated blog.

    Anyway, might provoke some ideas on a different tack at least...

    Best of luck!

  15. Lady and Gents-

    Truly, a challenge worth having! At first thought, I came up with these gems (kudos to Jose for the pun kick-start):

    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ] (play off of doo-wop music, you could do a 50's retro theme)
    [ ] cobbler'
    [ ]
    [ ],,
    [ ]

    But, finally, if for no other reason that clarity and elegance, I offer you:

    [ ]


    [ ]

    It's choose, it's shoes, it's all in one!

  16. i dont know a lot about women's shoes, but i'm i know a lot about sneakers. you should check out some of the names of sneakers and about sneaker culture. i think there's some interesting parallels with what you are doing.

    one simple name i like is "Shoe York", a name of a sneaker blog.

    "where did you get those" is a book by sneaker expert Bobbito Garcia on New York sneaker culture in 60's-70's, which is worth reading about shoe materials, culture, etc.... I also have a DVD about sneaker culture called "Just for Kicks", which is gd as well.

    I've been to a lot of the top sneaker stores in in US, and they all have cool names like:
    - "Bodega" (cornershop with sneaker store hidden in the back)
    - "Dave's Quality Meats" (butcher theme)
    - Flight Club (sells 2nd hand shoes including $5,000 Jordan shoe!)

    And lets not forget Zappos, which is spanish for Zapatos (sandals).

    If i think of anything for women's shoes, i'll post it later!

  17. Hey Michael - I remember seeing a dress shop in Galway called 'That's My Dress!'. While 'Those Are My Shoes!' is already taken as a website, 'She Has My Shoes' is still available. Neither exactly roll off the tongue, but they might spark up some ideas for you around the whole envy theme.

  18. How about OhMyGod...Shoes or OMGShoes for short...see this link for some reference:;

  19. Hunt Shoes (sticking with the Prey theme) or Michael's Shoes or Mike and Jodies, etc (Classy, Original, Authentic). When you think about name brands for shoes, most of them are the names of the owners- Tory Burch, Steve Madden, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Chu.. and it seems like your product is catering towards a wealthier demographic... just food for thought :)

  20. Thanks for some more awesome ideas everyone :D

    JD - I don't mind primal designs and shoes of instinct. Just not quite enough depth with those names I don't think - the great thing about Shoes of Prey was it delivered the hunting element, it sounds familiar because it's derived from Birds of Prey and when it's said rather than written it has a religious connotation as well = good depth. My favourite brand name is 'Apple'. So simple, yet it can mean: 1. Innovation - the apple falling in Isaac Newton's head. 2. Freshness 3. It's good for you - an apple a day keeps the doctor (or Window's viruses etc.) away. Admittedly I'm not sure if Steve Jobs thought of all that when coming up with the name, but it works well.

    Raved Jeans - wow, awesome thought behind Red Queen, that's very much on the right path, lots of depth to that name. The name has potential though is taken so we'd have to make it We'll give that one some further thought. If you've got anything else along those lines let us know.

    Carl - lol! Some very creative names there. It's a different angle but I like Shoose though alas, and are both taken. Stride, or the more female strut could be good angles too.

    Inspired World - I've had a bit of a look at sneaker culture lately and there's some cool stuff out there. I love the name Dave's Quality Meats for a sneaker store - that's awesome! Hopefully there's some inspiration there for us.

    Stephen - good to hear from you and I hope all is well in Dublin! Thanks for your thoughts. I like the potential in that envy angle, gonna think about that some more...

    Cam - Lol, that's one hell of a weird/funny video! How on earth did u come across that?! I quite like OMGShoes, I had suggested Ooh! Shoes prior to coming up with Shoes of Prey, but Jodie makes the good point that those sorts of names are a little too simplistic, we're after something with a bit more substance and potential meaning behind it.

    Jess - Names are a good thought and we spent a bit of time down that path. In the end we rejected it for 2 reasons: 1. Unlike those brands we aren't the designer, the customer is, so naming the shoes after us doesn't make the same sense it does for other fashion labels and 2. Using names is the same as all those other brands which makes it harder for us to stand out. Hunt Shoes is not bad and I think that's close to what we're after. We just need a version of that that's a little more subtle and ideally has a couple of meanings - eg. Shoes of Prey reached the hunting theme via 'Birds of Prey' which is fairly obvious but still slightly subtle, and Shoes of Prey has the religious duality about it - the double meaning is kinda cool.

    A name Jodie thought of this morning is 'Sole Object'. This has a few meanings: our site let's you hunt out the sole object you're after, sole object could be another name for shoes, and the objective of your soul is shoes. We don't really like the word 'object' tho, it's a bit harsh and boring.

  21. Following on from Jode's thought, what about 'Sole desire'? Argh - that's taken too!

    Will leave thinking hat on :) x

  22. I cast my vote for Jose's Foo Man Shoe. I also like Cobbler Shoes.

  23. Darn think sole to soul is taken.
    Made Sole.
    Soul Maid.
    Made for Souls. (Too many mispellings and possible meanings.)
    Killer Soles.

    You should look down the crimonology path.

    I'm don't believe it but I'm going to site Fox and CBS news (yes I know, i know):
    To evade authorities chasing him,
    Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski kept shoes with smaller soles attached to the bottom in his reclusive Montana cabin, according to evidence released 10 years after his capture. The shoes were intended to appear as if a person with smaller footprints were walking in them ...

    Willie Cole put me on the sole path. Dexter put me on the crimonology path.

    What about shoes and role playing?
    Podophilia - foot fetishism

    It could be worse, you could have just named your latest product Vegemite iSnack2.0. Check the news.


  24. how about the japanese "wabi-sabi"?

    "Characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetic include asymmetry, asperity, simplicity, modesty, intimacy, and the suggestion of natural processes."

  25. Michaels and Jodie, here are some more ideas to throw into the pot.

    I think you have some really lovely suggestions already but here are some names with a slightly different feel. As I was saying to Mike, I still don't quite think they have the punch of Shoes of Prey, but they might be some food for thought.

    My starting point was to think of the type of female who would love these shoes and I think 'that' girl would have to be individualistic in style (and by implication perhaps be quite confident in expression, maybe a fashionista and inclined towards decadence/luxury/spoiling herself)... But I also have a feeling that someone who is interested in designing their owns shoes would very much value individuality and being fashion forward.

    There are many great aspects to your ideas and branding, and I think a name that touches on as many of these aspects as possible would be ideal: shoes, a young and independent business, they're custom made, designed yourself and one off.... The secondary concepts relate to the type of girl whose heart your business will capture and I think that's where the ideas of predatory nature/desire and luxury come in. But this aspect I think, needs to be approached in a tongue in cheek, humorous. We've all wanted to kill someone for shoes, but we're actually a bit embarrassed about this too!

    For some reason, I think the old fashioned idea of a parlour/salon would appeal to 'her'. You go to parlours and salons for personalised, tailored treatments and attention. All girls love parlours, salons, sitting rooms, knitting rooms.... I don't know why, but we do. The concept is a little old fashioned, and going to a cobbler to have your shoes made is an old fashioned idea... but I think you use the words in a way that is a return to something retro, classic and timeless too.

  26. I'm sorry this post is so long, I have to do it in parts..
    So the name could be:
    [Insert name]'s Shoe Parlour or Shoe Salon

    Eg Mike and Jodie's Shoe Salon
    ... you could play around with a pick and choose parlour/salon "menu" of heel heights, colour, etc

    I know that you were also a bit reluctant to use your own names as you want to encapsulate the idea of the client being the designer/maker. In this case, you could take a spin on girl whose a girl's girl. Veruca Salt is a girl's girl, she's not pleasant, a bit brattish but we all see a bit of Veruca in all of us... she is a real bitch and she wants the whole world and a golden goose, and cream buns and donuts. And I guess Roald Dahl is using her character to really make a commentary on excess esp considering when the book was written, but somehow these values are sort of okay now... so Veruca Salt's Shoe Salon could be sort of cute. I think it also illustrates what I am trying to get at by using the predator/desire concepts in a tongue in cheek sort of way.

    Other girl's girls - Debbie Harry, Blondie, Ms Haversham, Miss Money Penny (there is a FAB FAB second hand clothes shop called Miss Money Penny's - how perfect)... and then you've got your fabulous and sexy Bond girl names... Honey Ryder, Fatima Blush, Kitty Stroker... Kissy Suzuki (how lovely!).

    Kookoo Shoe Parlour is a bit quirky
    There are so many sassy names, places, adjectives.... esp if there is a word that has meaning to the three of you.

    Other ideas:
    Goody Two Shoes
    Suzy Shoemaker ?
    Shoe Factory (Battle Cat's Shoe Factory :))

    In my opinion, they're still not quite spot on as shoes of prey was.... but I think sometimes you can overthink branding and names too. For example, I think my favourite brand is Susien Chong's Lover but to be honest Lover is quite a terrible name if you go on name alone... there was a god awful 90s frumpy woman's brand called Lovers... plus when you type Lover into google or ebay or even whitepages, her website is absolutely impossible to find... even when you type in Susien Chong Lover you can't find it. The word lover itself is quite awful feels a bit dated when it rolls of your tongue. But Lover as you would prob know, has a die hard cult following and the rest of the branding is amazing... they successfully encapsulates an aesthetic and personality really well that at the end of the day, the actual name doesn't really seem to matter anymore. So I guess what I'm saying is that I think its going to be great whatever name you pick (as long as it is not awful and I have noticed there are some fab ideas on your website already).

    "Queen" as part of a title might also work. Its multi-faceted, can be kitsch and have double entendres... like Rice Queen which I guess is sort of being reclaimed.

    This is a long post... but I hope it helps!


  27. Here are a few more;

    * Cobblers Soul or Sole
    *Shoe In (as in "its a shoe in")
    * Bless Shoe

    Just as an aside, one of my fave business names is a guy on the north shore who has a gardening business called Moan and Groan!


  29. What about

  30. Poke@Shoes. Poke in the eye, "Poke, poke, poke. Just look at my fabulous shoes", poke my foot in those shoes, poke them in your face, poke a face at everyone, poke parade. Pokies? (yuk) Poke is easy to say. Where did I put my Pokes!. PK (Poke Kiosk), P@S or Poke@Shoes for logo/TM?

  31. Shoes for the Sole
    I want the bitches shoes
    Heel buy heel
    Heel girl heel

  32. A few other random thoughts...
    - Outsole
    - Snare
    - Pursuit

  33. Wow, some awesome namestorming and some brilliant ideas from the last few days, thanks again everyone! Naming is difficult and very subjective, but I think we were onto a good thing with Shoes of Prey and I think there's potential in these ideas for a name to match it - thanks again!

    Alex - Sole desire is not bad, but like you see it's unavailable. Let us know if you have any more ideas!

    Gabriel - Thanks for your thoughts on those names and I love the sound of Foo Man Shoe. The only trouble is we're after something than subtly points to the predatory nature of women and fashion insight and it's a little difficult to tie the name in.

    Sib - some good ideas there. That unabomber deception is an interesting one. Re: naming iSnack 2.0, I reckon they did that on purpose:

    C Priest - We love the insight and meaning behind the name Wabi-Sabi. To me though it sounds like a great name for a sneaker company, the sound doesn't quite have a strong fashion feel. That is such a subjective comment I know.

    Vinny - I love the double meaning, that would be a great name for a second hand shoe store I think.

    Jen - awesome thoughts and there are some great name ideas in here! We loved 'Veruca Salt'. That hits the spot perfectly. We spent a few hours on this name and fell in love with Veruca Salt as the brand for the reasons you describe and Veruca Salt's Shoe Factory as the website - her dad had the nut factory which was converted to a wonka bar opening factory, and it's also a good tie in to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Only trouble is the potential IP implications of using the name given it's from the book/movie. We spoke to an IP lawyer friend and while she thinks it would be unlikely to happen, if Warner Bros. had a problem with us using that name it's a grey legal area and could get time consuming and expensive. So close!

    In your discussion with Mike via email you also mentioned the word Bowerbird which we love. The Bowerbird collects beautiful things to build a nest as part of their courtship ritual - and the word has beautiful imagery attached to it in our minds. So we were trying to add the predatory insight to the word bowerbird - something along the lines of a machiavellian bowerbird. Machiavellian is too long and difficult to spell and 5 online thesauruses later we haven't quite got the right word. That's a good train of thought though, thanks!

    Dom - haha, Bless Shoe is great! Very cute and it could work, but it doesn't have the brand insight we'd ideally like to bring through in the name.

  34. Elo - Some great ideas here. I Want Her Shoes gets straight to the brand insight, but we think it's too explicit about it. As our marketing friend Matt told us, 'you don't want your brand strategy showing'. The name needs to subtly point to the brand strategy. Shoes of Prey was on the border of being too obvious. We took your suggestion of FoxyShoes and tried it with Bowerbird - Foxy Bowerbird - it adds a predatory and sexy element to the word Bowerbird - but given Jodie and my surname we fear that overrides the other meanings too strongly.

    Ruby Slippers is a great name. The domain and lots of variants of it are already taken so we'd need another word to go with it which we've had trouble coming up with.

    Carl - solemate is not bad but alas, the domain is taken and it doesn't quite have the brand insight in it either.

    Tom - I'm impressed by your passion for the word Poke! It's an easy and nice word to say, but I don't think it hits the brand insight.

    Brendan - Some good ideas there. I like your extension of Elaine's idea to 'I want the bitches shoes' lol! Heel boy heel or heel girl heel are interesting takes on the idea, but I don't think they're quite right for the brand.

    SallyW - Some good word ideas. We'll keep those in mind to add to some of the other concepts.

    Writing those comments makes me realise how incredibly picky we're being. Any of those names could work and as Jen mentions, the rest of the branding eventually rubs off onto the name so the name can change it's meaning. The Beatles is a great example of that. I don't think of beatles when someone says that name, I think of the awesome band. That said, a great name can help kickstart a brand so we want to take the time to get it right.

    In other news, yesterday I spoke with the owner's of the trademark 'Prey' and they're giving some thought to consenting to our trademarking 'Shoes of Prey'. It would be awesome of them if they did allow us to use the name and we would be very grateful, but we're going to keep brainstorming while we wait for them to think it over (they said they'd get back to us before the end of the week). With the brainstorming going the way it is, we may well have a better name before the end of the week anyway! :D

    Thanks again everyone! In other news the site is getting very close to being ready, so once we have a name finalised we should be ready to launch within a few days!

  35. Guys, have you checked out any actual birds of prey species? There are a few interesting ones ... kite/harrier/falcon ... might be too nerdy? Or there are other birds like ravens etc that have symbolic meanings in different cultures?? Or "living soul"?

  36. just to jump on the bandwagon... (i know cam :)), I'd suggest moving away from anything punny or clich├ęd. especially if you are targeting the brand at a relatively affluent female demographic. it's a fantastic concept, i don't think you need to say much in the name. shoes of prey would have been perfect ey?? i will brainstorm a few ideas for you. tricky... tricky...

  37. "I Want Shoe, I Need Shoe..." *cough*

  38. Sal - good idea to go down the birds of prey species path. We tried that out and liked Little Raven but it's been used a lot already. We'll explore that path some more though, thanks.

    Eliza - agreed. We think a some cuteness to the name is ok, but we should avoid puns or cliches. Thanks for having a brainstorm!

    Alex - Oh baby oh baby? Love the pop culture reference but not sure it's aggressive enough for the brand.

  39. On second thoughts poke is no good as you say Michael. But the brain is still working and so how about shoebefit or shoobedo/shoebedo or shoeme?

  40. To pick up on Sole Object and Sole Desire, suggest 'Sole Sister'.

    Unfortunately, the "thename".com issues fails as this links to a... foot care clinic in the UK. (A site that uses the phrase 'Verucca Treatments' in much too bold a typeface.)

    The random reasoning then, if it may prompt further brain-storming:

    1. Sole is one, or only one, i.e. unique;
    2. Sole is an obvious play on bottom of the foot;
    3. Sole Sister speaks of the 'only sister' and is predatory in the sense of "I'm the only one that has this thing, and it's through my own efforts" (a stretch perhaps); and
    3. It's a play on Soul Sister - a phrase that is arguably in common parlance (at least so far as the soul music of yesteryear - e.g. Sam & Dave - is concerned...)

  41. A quick update on the name. I just spoke with the company that owns the trademark 'Prey' and they don't want to consent to us registering 'Shoes of Prey' because of the potential for it to create confusion down the track, which is fair enough.

    So a new name it definitely is!

    Tom - Some good thoughts there but we want to subtly capture the brand insight of women hunting for shoes in the name.

    Alexander - Sole Sister could have worked, that's some good reasoning there and I like the subtle link to the predatory aspect of the brand. It's a shame is unavailable but we'll give further thought to names down that line of thinking, cheers.

  42. soleseeker
    diamond heels
    frisky sole
    (and combinations of)

  43. following from Aaron's last comment:


    however i checked godaddy, the domain has been taken. i like this name cause of the double connations of "sold out" ie. hard to find, and the cobbler/handmade aspect of soles.

  44. Artemis. Goddess of the Hunt. Strong, glammy, protective, daddy's girl.

    Arte-Miss? (not taken -


  46. what about the Latin word for prey? Praedashoes

  47. Hi guys, some more great ideas :D

    Aaron - heeltoeandsole is good tho & can't be in a registered domain so the name ends up being quite long, still, it could work.

    Inspiredworlds - we like soledout but alas the .com isn't available :(

    Jen - Artemis is a great concept and we actually brainstormed down that path prior to coming up with Shoes of Prey. We particularly like your Arte-Miss take - that's very good but we fear it will cause spelling difficulties when ppl try to come to the site. There's potential in that tho, we'll think some more.

    The other path we've been going down a today is with the word 'Bower'. A bower is the nest that a bowerbird makes, see this awesome video for more details - We think bower fits with our brand insight. This is not explained super well yet, but: Like women, bowerbirds like to collect beautiful things and what's in fashion is important as different species of bowerbird collect different things. Bowerbirds also sometimes steal beautiful things from the bower's of other Bowerbirds, so the predatory aspect is subtly covered off as well. Plus some species of bowerbird and very beautiful, and a lot of these species come from Australia.

    Obviously the domain is taken, as is So we're trying to come up with another word that can work well with bower. It's tough, here's some of what we've come up with and why it's no good:

    bowershoes - shoes is not subtle enough
    bowerheels - as above
    beautifulbower - too obvious, not subtle
    imeldasbower - not bad (Imelda marcos owns a crazy amount of shoes) but we're not sold.
    bowery - turns bower into an adjective which is kind of cool but the domain is taken.
    bowerly - same adjective idea as above but when pronounced sounds like 'bowely'! :(
    bluebower - (some bowerbirds collect blue things) we weren't totally sold and the domain is taken anyway
    bowerqueen - not bad, but we think queen might be a little older and inaccessible? Tough one, it's close.

    If you have any thoughts down this 'bower' line of thinking we'd love to hear them :D

  48. Anonymous, sorry, missed your comments:

    Praedashoes is cool, but then we realised it sounds like Prada Shoes :(

    Huntingheels is also not bad, but maybe not quite subtle enough.

    Not totally sold on sleekshoes. Shoefetish is good but then we feel it has a little too many sexual/porn connotations.

  49. Ok we have a team here with some thoughts

    "your journey of a thousand miles has just begun"

    Alex Splatt

  50. I like the bower concept. My only complicating thought is that it is the male bird that builds the bower, so that may detract from the concept. Also, are people from outside of Australia familiar with the bird? If not, the name may not have the desired impact.

    If you want to maintain the predatory theme, maybe you could incorporate a hunting tool into the name, eg:-

    Heel & Spear
    Arrow Points (points being a type of shoe)

    Otherwise, you might incorporate a word associated with the moment of prey eg:-

    Strut & Ravage
    Savage Strut
    Savage Soles

    Other silly names that incorporate the hunt/chase theme are:

    Heel & Fetch
    Frill of the Chased

    I hope it helps!


    Your journey of a thousand miles begins.
    exactly what you want

    blues wade can do anything ...

    boot camp (for the gay market)

    teenea (for the young or afflicted market)

  52. Also from alexolder...

    carnival...rabbits foot

  53. i thought maybe using 'find' instead of hunt..some suggestions:

    finders keepers - maybe too cliche?

    find and seek

    some bower name suggestions:


    bowerblue - don't bowerbirds like blue things?

  54. bellebower


    findmaryjane (as in mary jane shoes)

  55. Just tweeted Mike on this, but my only suggestions are MJM Shoes and Sole Obsession/s. I liked Giselle's Heel & Fetch.

    I prefer the bower idea to the predatory idea, which kinda puts me off the brand rather than encouraging me in. I understand the brand image, but I am much more drawn to the individual-nature of the shoes rather than the hunting after what someone else has aspect.

  56. 2000shoes
    then something like "exactly what you want"

    I thought of 2Mshoes (as in 2 Michaels) but the 2M is already a well known brand.

  57. what about something along these lines:
    lionesque (like lioness)

    or totally different: mojitos.

    i checked all the names, their not available though as .com but they might give you some ideas.

    I recall speaking to my marketing lecturer about this a while back, and he mentioned that names with one word, and 2 syllables work best. easier to pronounce for NESB as well.

  58. Hi there

    Good to see you the other night! Had a few other thoughts on names:

    - stylehunter
    - shoeenvy
    - ravenandlion - as an example, you could combine the names of two animals that you thought best represented your brand, to subtlely include the predator/prey aspect without it generating the harsh connotations
    - spikebird - considered using 'spike' as an alternative to (stiletto) heel or other shoe-based word in the name? Think it needs to go with a nicer/softer word like bird to prevent it from sounding too torturous!

    And from the other night:
    - shoebivore - as in herbivore, carnivore, omnivore. I know we don't eat shoes but I was thinking it relates more to the need to have or 'consume' them.
    - queenofsoles - might be a bit too royal.


  59. Hi guys, some more awesome ideas, thanks so much for your namestorming efforts, they have been very helpful!

    So helpful in fact that we are very close to deciding on a name. If it's ok with everyone we're not going to publish it on the blog just yet, we want to get website domain and trademark registration kicked off first (which takes 5 business days) so we'll hopefully be in a position to announce the name early next week! If you're super excited to know we're happy to tell you via email.

    Thanks again for your help everyone :D

  60. Hey good luck guys! Blogged about you on IPitch, hopefully that will draw in some more people with clever name ideas for you. Also, great updates on your everyday challenges with business registration and's just very real. Don't forget to change your name on IPitch onece it's all sorted:

  61. Thanks for the shout out Rachel! We actually did up a list of all the things we need to do once we have a new name, and change our name on IPitch is on the list! :D

  62. I like "NV Footwear", not too in your face with the whole design brief, but it's fairly clear what you're trying to say, there's also some awesome Monogram options when creating the logos :)

    Good luck finding a name guys!

  63. wow, what a thread! (was directed here by iPitch)

    All I can suggest is "iShoe 2.0" - but i am sure you have come up with something better ;)

  64. I can't believe you didn't like "So Shoe Me"...DTM foxy....DTM