Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gone to Guangzhou

Michael: Mike's been in China the last month without access to Blogger, so he's emailed through this update for me to post.

Mike: A few months back Michael and I decided we should spend 3 months in Guangzhou, China working closely with our supplier and getting ourselves set up here. I've spent the last month here and here's what I've been up to:

1. Lots of supplier meetings. Out of these we've tweaked our model and will be starting selling at markets while we continue to test sizing methods.

2. We've hired a Chinese contractor, Alice, to work with us for the 3 months. I've been working with her on a lot of different tasks like product photography and setting up shipping arrangements from China to our customers. More about Alice in our next post.

3. And of course I've been continuing to work on programming the website. We've changed the vision and short term plans for the website many times in the last few months, which has made it a challenge in terms of finishing the programming. However, we're almost there. In about 2 weeks we should have a decent version of the site ready to go. We're looking forward to gradually opening up the website after that, and of course starting our market stall in Sydney.

Other than that, living in Guangzhou has been a great experience so far. Eating the local food, and trying to learn Mandarin makes each day memorable - as well as looking out to the impressive and rapidly changing skyline while I work! (The image in this blog post is from our apartment.)

Michael: I'm joining Mike in Guangzhou today and will be there for 2 weeks. We're still able to post to blogger but can't access the site (China blocks it), so we'll respond to any comments when I'm back. :)

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