Monday, August 24, 2009

Who dat brand?

Michael - When we started this blog we weren't quite sure what we would be focusing on business wise. Shoes of Prey has quickly become our main focus and Jodie is involved in that as much as Mike and I. So we're adding Jodie as an author on this blog and she's going to be writing about the areas of the business she's working on.

Jodie - There are many elements to work on when branding a business, and particularly when you're developing a brand identity from scratch. Although I don't purport to be an expert, I find that in a lot of ways it is like imagining a whole new person. For me this comes with inherent issues of needing to separate your own identity from how the brand should be perceived by the world. This also makes the exercise feel very subjective, which you have got to be careful to sense-check.

In our case, Shoes of Prey is currently a work in progress. So far, We have cracked an insight that really works for us, that is that that Women behave as predators of couture.

Starting here, this kind of statement feels quite high-end, because of the category (fashion) and that word we've used - couture. However, I think that functionally, no other word could work in its place - except perhaps shoes, though this would stop us from talking about the bigger picture, which is shoes as fashion, rather than things to walk around in.

Within this high-end feel, the trick for us is that we aren't a luxury brand, and we don't want to pretend to be.

We are a creative, reliable, young brand that can help you to realise yourself as a shoe designer. The quality that we offer is high-end, but the brand itself can't afford any snobbery, because Michael, Mike and I aren't offering to personally stitch you some shoes. :)

As we work on our brand, we will need to continually be sure that we are being true to the creative side of our brand, and keeping up our quality message without ever tarnishing the youthful aspect, which is potentially the most exciting part of this brand. How would you do this? Do you think that moving away from high-end in this category is a mistake? Who are your favourite brands and why?

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