Friday, August 21, 2009

Shoe Photography

The shoes we can make for our customers are beautiful and it's important for us to show this on our website. I was talking to a friend who's into photography, Christine Knight and she suggested I try making a light box following these instructions. A light box lets you take photos in white light and if you set the light box up right you can create an 'infinity effect' with a pure white background.

So a few weeks ago I visited the local art store and bought three large pieces of white foam board, an A1 piece of white paper and some white tape, all for $40. I already had a good knife and some white lights at home. It took about an hour to cut the foam board and paper into the appropriate size for a pair of shoes and tape it all together. It was kind of cool to build something with my hands, not a lot of opportunity to do that working for a search engine!

Next step was a good photographer, director and camera. Another friend, Cynthia Rouse offered to come around and take some shots of our shoes. She and Jodie worked out some cool shoe layouts and they got photographing:

Then another friend, Juliana Bacmaga retouched the photos. Here are the final shots:

Thanks to everyone who helped!

We're planning have a light box and camera set up at the shoe workshop in Guangzhou so we can photograph every shoe we make. When customers are designing shoes in the shoe designer we'll be able to shoe them photographs of shoes similar to what they've designed.

Do you like the photos?


  1. To get customers' feet dimensions, you could ask them to take a birds eye snapshot of their feet using the digicams on their laptops/phones and upload them. Then, you could glean the dimensions using photo analysis software, and repurpose the photos on your foot-fetish porn site.

  2. The photos look great, what I recommend is implementing a zoom feature that allows me to really see and appreciate the details and nuances of the shoe.

    A few examples:

    1. Take a look at and look at an item in men's shoes
    2. look at jeans
    3. - like this implementation although I would like an even closer zoom

    I have seen a site with increased zoom where it was a set zoom which I recommend to keep it simple, I just don't remember where I saw it. :)

    Anyway, looks good guys!

  3. Aa - it's a good idea. We have considered this approach in the past, but the concern we had is that the measurements have to be accurate to within 1 or 2 mm. It's unlikely you could work out the dimensions this accurately using a photo.

    Chris - thanks for these examples. Very cool. Definitely will do a zoom control. That would be neat! :-)

  4. Nice one Foxy - I'll take the green one's in a 10!

  5. The photos of the shoes are very clean looking.

    I discovered light tents a few years ago while on an online auctio site and at the same time I came across a website where you can actually make your own. I have a small light tent, although I need to get better lighting.

  6. You'd look good in those Stephen. ;)

    Beauty and Health Editor - since writing this post we've definitely found that lighting is the key. We've upgraded those crappy little lights in the pics above to these: = much better!