Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Accounting in the Cloud

Recently we signed up to Saasu as our accounting software provider. Why did we choose Saasu?

1. My friend Jeremy Levitt uses and recommends them.
2. Their software is web based so Mike, Jodie and I can use the software from any computer. We like the idea of 'software as a service' or 'cloud computing' and want to operate as much of our business online as possible.
3. Their API looks good, Mike will be able to integrate it with our website to automatically track sales.
4. They're Australian based so we're confident their software is suitable for Australian tax.
5. They've been around since the late 90's so hopefully they're here to stay.
6. Their pricing is reasonable.

Has anyone else had good/bad experiences with Saasu or any of their competitors?


  1. Michael, good stuff, we're also in the hunt for a good cloud accounting software provider, would love to hear your and others feedback on who might be a good option for those of us based in the US.

  2. Hi Lane, reading through Saasu a bit more it looks like they only offer beta support for the US -

    The only two others I've taken a brief look at are and I'm not sure whether they're suitable for US users. Anyone else got any thoughts?

    What's your business Lane?

  3. Ah nice, I'll check out the others you mentioned.

    Here's my business -

    Bummed to hear you are leaving the Goog but sounds like exciting road ahead!

  4. Love the site, your product and your sustainability focus Lane and I can't wait to try the wine! I just signed up to your mailing list. Not sure if you'll be shipping to Australia but I'll sort myself out to get some next time I'm in the US!

    Give me a shout next time you're in Sydney.

  5. Nice, thanks Michael. No international shipping yet but at some point for sure. Will let ya know if I'm in Syd and let me know if you swing by States. Good luck and look forward to keeping up with 22 Michaels.

  6. G'day guys,

    Saasu is fine, but not ideally set up for drop shipping. Also the user interface is a bit daggy. Xero is a Kiwi company offering a similar thing. Not as mature, but a much nicer UI.

    I'm still looking for the ideal cloud accounting software.


  7. Nice, thanks Willem, will check them out.