Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Resigning from Google

What a tough decision. Today I've resigned from Google to join Mike and try my hand as an entrepreneur. Here's what went through my mind coming to the decision:

The Pros:

The Cons:

  • I love my job at Google.
  • I love the people I work with at Google.
  • The economy isn't in a great state. It will be harder to sell stuff and if we fail, unless the economy turns in the next year or two I might struggle to find a job I like as much as the one I'm leaving.
  • Will people buy our shoes? Will people buy our training courses? A start up is a lot more risky than working for someone else.
  • I love food, particularly the food at Google. I am going to have to learn to cook. :)

In the end, the pros outweigh the cons and I'm going to join Mike and give it a crack. :) I'm staying until the end of the quarter, Friday July 3 will be my last day at Google.

What do you think? Good move? Bad move?


  1. Mate, I couldn't be happier for you! You are and always have been an entrepenuer at heart and I am positive that the two ventures will be a success with you and Michael at the helm. I don't mean to sound patronising but I am incredibly proud of you. It must have been an impossibly hard decision to make as you have chosen to sacrifice a life of comfort for a far more challenging and scary life, but it is one that is more authentic to your true path. When you follow your heart you ultimately can't go wrong...even if you do fall flat on your face! A life lived in fear is a life half lived and all that! I know you will both be successful in whatever you put your hearts and minds towards. I hope to see you soon...probably in late october/early november.

  2. It's quite simple...it's an inspired move. There is a certain stage in life when your human capital and ability to really innovate align, and if you are willing and able to take the risk at this point, then it's as good an opportunity as you're going to get. Good on you.

  3. Congrats on making the leap. Let me know if I can be of any help to you guys!

  4. Well done Foxy, welcome to the other side! Well...in a couple of months anyway.

    Let me know if you ever need Melbourne Xoogler help.

    Cheers, Tristan

  5. I think it's the moment or you'll never do it! I've no doubt on your success! Go for it mate!

    Congrats :)


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  7. Good luck Michael and I am positive you will do well - I have never met two smarter and more driven guys who complement eachother's strengths so well...and always land on their feet! You should bottle and market that secret and you will be an overnight success!

  8. Great move! good on u! i'm guessing u took a leaf out of this book? http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/

  9. fortune favours the brave! if you can start up a viable business in these tough market conditions, it will stand the test of time and be successful. good luck!

  10. Thanks for the well wishes everyone, much appreciated!

    Cam - couldn't agree more and defo give me a shout next time ur in Sydney!

    Dom - looking forward to catching up next week!

    Carl - thanks mate, and keep us in the loop with what you're up to!

    Tristan - thanks. What are you up to in Melbourne?

    Frenchy - thanks mate!

    Peta - thanks for the vote of confidence! Let Jodie and I know next time ur in Sydney!

    Aoife - hope you had a great time in Wroclaw! I have seen that book and it would be great to get to a 4 hour work week! I'm guessing it's gonna be more like 4 hours off a day for the first little while. :P

    Matt - Thanks :)

  11. Well done Michael, the business world is full of permanently employed professionals who have broad experience, but limited knowledge of the delirious nausea of self employment. You will succeed and will definitely be a greater employee in the future........ should the need eventuate, but it won't.

  12. Good luck and keep in touch Mike!
    From everyone at E-Web Marketing.

  13. Thanks Chris, Chris, Rohan and Gary. :)

  14. Good luck Michael!

    I had best receive my $100 some time =)

  15. Sounds great!
    We DEFINITELY have to catch up for dinner sometime soon.
    Best of luck to both of you!