Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Elevator Pitch - Shoes of Prey

Design your own women's fashion shoes. Come to our site and design your dream shoe (when we've built that part!) We'll hand make it and deliver it to your door, all for around AUD$250.

Here's some pics of shoes from some of the suppliers we've been speaking to:

Would you buy a product like this?

Update: Visit the Shoes of Prey website to sign up to our mailing list.


  1. So I am going to need to know much more about this.
    That is all.
    Big loves, Karina x

  2. Karina, when asked to describe our target customer I think I would say one word: 'Karina'. Glad u like the concept! ;)

  3. wow foxy this looks great! will you ship internationally? i know lots of girls in london that would LOVE this idea x

  4. Hi Emma, we will definitely be shipping internationally! I've been researching VAT and customs duty to the UK just this week in fact. :)

    Great to hear ur London friends would love the idea. :D