Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Clickversity Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of our upcoming product, Clickversity.

Clickversity isn't live yet -- but should be in a week or two.

The course is designed for beginners want to understand how to make relatively sophisticated websites, but don't know where to start. It will cover introductory HTML, CSS, Python, AppEngine, Javascript and Hacking. Total learning time will be around 30 hours.

If you like the idea, we'd be interested to know how much you'd be prepared to pay for something like this and, importantly, why. $0 is a completely fair answer!


  1. Hey Mike, the site is looking snazzy, but beyond a nice interface, I'm not completely sure what you're offering would compel me to pay for it when there are free (albeit clunkier) alternatives. What's going to differentiate your product from those that are free?

  2. Hi Jeff - you've spotted the elephant in the room! We're not convinced yet people will pay for it either - but I hope they do. The reason I think people will pay is this: the free lesson should be a good hook. You try it out, it seems easy to follow, maybe your company will pay the training fee. You think to yourself, "maybe there are other options out there, but they seem complicated, even if they are cheaper. This course looks easy to learn, and isn't that expensive when compared to an in-person training course." Hopefully that wins the day. The key is having the best content possible -- which is why it's taking so long to write! :)

  3. Hey Mike n Foxy!

    This looks like a good offering, and an awesome looking site. As an online savvy person, but with no coding knowledge, my head has exploded in the past with the over supply of info out there. Which has been frustrating, as I can't get the results I want with layman 'cut n paste' software. I want to know the key differences and potential for each type of code, and when best to use each.

    I would definitely be very interested in something that taught the key things to know and do - and most importantly, tells you what doesn't really matter, or just leaves out the non-essential. I don't want to study code for 3 years but I'd happily do a 20 - 30 hour course.

    Could you have functionality whereby a user could actually use one of their own URLs for parts of the course like 'live editing lesson'? That would make the time doubley productive!

    As a soon to be freelancer again, the knowledge gained would expand my portfolio, and I reckon I would see value in paying say $500 - $800, assuming I got a good preview of the course before committing.

    Hope this is helpful. Yell if you need guinea pigs!

  4. @ Mike: Despite the heavy portion of admin interface, I neglected to consider corp customers for your product. Silly me. In that case though, because the students you'd be going after are looking for an immediate tactical advantage in the workplace, or are likely looking to learn something in order to create an immediate result (i.e. they have a project to complete but may not have the skills), basing later lessons around completing an x type of widget or y type of widget (anything with real applications) may be the way to go. Of course, I say all of this without knowing your curriculum plans...

  5. Jess - thanks for the feedback! Sounds like this course would be perfect for you. Let's hope there are a few hundred other people just like you. :) You should email me. micknapp/gmail

    Jeff - yes, corp customers are probably our main target audience. Lots of sales reps or product managers who know they need to understand this stuff, but don't (yet). Maybe also high school teachers might be a good market too. We'll be doing bulk discounts for these types of customers.

  6. What about people who are completely tech-UNsavvy?
    Would it run through everything, right from the start, on how to get your website up there?
    So, hosting, html editors, cms's, etc. and how to put them all together?

  7. Hi Wino - yup, that's the idea. The course will be designed for people who are pretty much beginners. However, in order to keep it moving along at a steady pace, you'd need to be fairly comfortable with using a computer/the internet.

    That said, the Clickversity project is off the boiler for a few months while we finish up another project. Watch this space. :)